4 things that happen naturally in healthy relationships

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Being in a healthy relationship is everyone’s dream. Healthy relationships require simple things that work out for themselves and not being forced. Here are things that should not feel forced in healthy relationships:

1. Shared interests

Partners in a healthy relationship should have similar interests or hobbies. They should be happy to participate in doing things not because they want to please their partners but because they love doing these things. 

2. Physical touch

Partners in a healthy relationship should always feel attracted to each other. Physical touch should be a natural thing even when they are in public as a show of love and affection. Your partner should not be afraid to hold your hand, lean on your shoulder or even hug you. 

3. Respect at all times

Respect is an important factor in relationships. This should not be forced. Respect applies in all aspects of life with your partner. From respecting them, their views, their choices among other things. 

4. Spend time together

Partners in healthy relationships spend time together. All of you should be willing and ready to spend every single free time you have together. Spending time together makes them happy and they enjoy every moment of it.

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