Don'ts when meeting your in-laws
Be yourself when meeting your in-laws. [Source/]

Falling in love is great but meeting your lover's parents is the greatest thing. Spending time with them on the first day comes with nervousness because you are not sure where to start.

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1. Being proud and rude responses

Do not reply questions asked or participate in a conversation with a commanding or rude voice. This may show disrespect to them and they may turn you off. Even if your in-laws sound rude, compose yourself and be polite.

2. Wearing skimpy clothes

For ladies, do not wear clothes that are exposing your thighs or chest while for men, be smart and do not sag your trouser. The first impression matters most. It helps others learn about you which may be different from what you thought of yourself. Know that people have different preferences.

3. Staring at your phone

It is good to keep your phone away until the meeting session is over. Always checking your phone may signify that you are not interested in the conversation at hand.

4. Don't forge your character

Remain yourself, just don't behave in a manner that you are not used to. Remember you will pretend only for some time and your character will unveil itself.