4 flirting tips that will sweep your crush off her feet

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A couple on a date. [Source/thisisafrica.me]

Is there a woman who is driving you crazy? Flirting is not easy for everyone. Some men find it hard convincing a woman to get into a relationship with them. Fortunately, this article will help you take your game to the next level. Here are flirting tips for men who want to win the hearts of their dream women.

1. Smile whenever you meet her

A smile drives women crazy. Women love men who are always happy. Smile whenever you meet your crush as this will capture her attention and show her you are interested in getting to know her better.

2. Try to ignore your crush

Ignoring someone you are crushing on can be positive. Some women will try to seek your attention if they realise you are ignoring them. Too much attention is likely to make a woman loose interest in you.

3. Send her a friend request

One of the best flirting ways is sending her a friend request. If she accepts the friendship then you can go ahead and talk to her. Sending her a short text message on social media is an easy way to get started. 

4. Body language

Body language speaks volumes. You can use your body language to win her heart. Make movements that suggest you are into her. Movements such as leaning in when having a conversation with her show you are attentive and interested in what she is saying.

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